Our Story

Take a quick look at the top of this page at our logo. You’ll see the UpWellness wave logo. And the company tag line is “Nutrient Rich Living”.

You’ll find that tagline used on our product labels, in clothing and accessories, and a variety of other places.

Why? Because we are here to help you live a “nutrient-rich” life…

Which brings up an important question:

What is a nutrient???

The medical definition of a nutrient is: “A substance that provides nourishment that is essential for growth and maintenance of life”.

Of course, when we think of nutrients, we think of substances in food…things like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

But there are other “nutrients” that you need to live your best life…

Physical activity, sleep, laughter, humor, relaxation, fun, sex/intimacy, intellectual stimulation, books, music, animals, plants, kindness, respect, love, connection, compassion, coffee… (that last one is debatable).

So, here at UpWellness, when we say nutrient-rich living, we’re talking about all of the above. We define the word “nutrient” in the broadest possible way.

All of the content that you’ll get from our medical team and all of the products we make are created with the intention of helping you get well and stay well.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board!

Dr. Joshua Levitt