Think Like a Surfer

Surfer on Amazing Wave at sunset time, Bali island.

A great number of patients come in to see me with complaints of feeling out of balance in any number of ways. Sometimes it’s a “chemical imbalance” in the brain that is blamed for anxiety or depression. For others, it might be a “hormonal imbalance” with menopausal symptoms or thyroid issues. And many others feel out of balance simply regarding their life itself, often related to work, family, or finances. As I work with these patients to help restore their health…I also remind them that true “balance” might not be the ultimate goal.

And that’s when we start talking about one of my favorite subjects…surfing. The best surfers know that balance is fleeting; success in surfing a big wave is dynamic, it depends on constant readjustments and recalibration based on the conditions. And much like surfing, health and wellness are fluid and dynamic as well. By paying attention to the signals that your mind and body are giving you, you can learn to adapt to your own unique conditions, and make the little shifts that will help keep you feeling your best.

-Dr. Joshua Levitt